Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Cleansing Routine

Hey, I forgot to tell you... I have taken up the famous GM diet since Modany. Mohan is a total health and fitness conscious person. Of course he likes all that I cook and bake, and he would eat scones and even cakes sometimes for breakfast! But what he eats, he always does in moderation. He knows how his body would respond to his intake as well as his workout regime. He is someone who feels real bad if he has to skip his workout a day! And he is also a great health and fitness advisor. And then.... let's talk about me.... I am absolutely not like him. I gorge and I workout so very rarely! And since my cooking and baking researches take place on almost a daily basis, and since we are only 2 of us in this house, and since he eats in moderation, you know where the rest ends up! my belly! I share some with my sis but that's only when I get to meet her, and that isn't everyday. 

So when Mohan announced he was going to take up the GM diet from Monday, I thought, "why not give it a try...probably my motivation might start there". And that's how it all started. Now is day 3. Surprisingly, my craving today has come down. Day 1 with only fruits intake made me crave soooooooooo much, and Day 2 made it worse. Yesterday, with only vegetables to go... it was torture for me! But I made it. And today, with both fruits and veggies, I am not craving that much. I think I am getting used to it. I have to clench my teeth through the next 4 days to come. Hoping for the best!

But this is an awesome diet routine to follow. It is a good cleansing routine, rather than a weight loss programme. It detoxifies the system and cleans the body entirely from within. Your body will really thank you. I have already started feeling the difference.

So no pictures today, and no proper cooking for the next 4 days.... But I will update on how the routine goes with me...

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